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Diablo Immortal comes with an interesting buy and sell feature Normal Gems, Legendary Gems, Runes, Skill Stones, etc. Diablo Immortal’s marketplace uses platinum as its primary form of currency to buy and sell items. The market is the only trading system that allows you to buy and sell various gems and other materials for platinum from other players.

When you are about to sell a selected item, a recommended price is set based on your recent market activity. If you need to know more about trading in the market, scroll down to read more.

How to trade items in the market

In Diablo Immortal you can only sell secondary items like Normal Gems, Legendary Gems, etc. Not all items can be traded on the market. You cannot sell armor, weapons or jewelry. Items are on sale for 48 hours and will be returned to seller if not sold. When you sell items, there is a recommended amount of platinum for each item. You cannot sell an item below or above the listed price.

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You can only sell normal gems and legendary gems and it’s also worth noting that a gem you earn from a quest or codex cannot be sold. You also cannot sell a gem on the market if you have already used it in one of your equipment.

Buying items from the market is something that should be treated with caution. Because the items that are offered here are not of equal quality. For example, Legendary Gems and Skill Stones can vary in quality, rank, and functionality for each character.

Market location in Diablo Immortal

Market location
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The market is at Rakkis Square located in the city of West Walk. Once you are there, you need to interact with the NPC Dya. You just need to walk towards it, then interact and press the buy button. It should be noted that the market NPC can only be unlocked after level 28.

How to Buy Diablo Immortal Market Items

Buy items from the market
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To purchase items from the Diablo Immortal marketplace, you must first visit Rakkis Square located at west march and interact with NPC Dya. While normal Gems and Runes are interchangeable items, Legendary Gems and Skill Stones vary in quality, rank, and functionality. Now, you have to be very careful when you go to buy these items.

How to Sell Items in the Diablo Immortal Marketplace

Selling items is a little easier than buying items. Indicate the number of items you want to sell and select them for a preferred amount of platinum. When you sell an item, 15% of the selling price is charged as a fee. You can only sell 4 items at a time initially.

Diablo Immortal Market
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If an item is not sold within 48 hours, the article will return to you but unfortunately you will lose the money you paid to view the article. It is recommended to sell the legendary gems which are not necessary or of no use to you. But be careful when selling the high level Legendary Gems which are needed to upgrade the character.

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