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Sharib Rafiq, 22, from Srinagar has developed an e-commerce platform where customers can now order Kashmiri wazwan, chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits online and so far he has linked more of 100 companies with its startup in the city.

Sharib, a nanoscience student from Islamia College has recently developed a “GetDayToday” website and app, which offers essential products online, including Wazwan, chicken, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, bakery and many other items.

“From clothes to fast food, my concept was to start a business where everything can be ordered at your fingertips. Many working-class families don’t have time to shop for daily necessities at the market. It’s a new concept here and we want to promote it among people,” he said.

The entrepreneur from Srinagar says he aspires to provide a platform for small sellers so that they can grow their business.

He and his team receive 100 to 120 orders a day. “People prefer to order vegetables, wazwan, chicken and bakery online. So far, we have linked 90-100 suppliers to this platform, who also enjoy additional benefits. »

“From vendors, mobile store owners, restaurateurs to textile sellers, we are trying to connect everyone to this new concept. We aim to spread this concept throughout Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

The young entrepreneur says he is working on a mechanism in which trade can also be carried out without the Internet. “I want to connect all business leaders, suppliers, to this platform, so that it becomes the first of its kind online e-commerce platform that delivers essential supplies to people’s doorsteps,” said- he declared.

According to Sharib, the platform aspires to replicate the offline consumer experience through the use of technology. “GetDayToday” app is available for Android and iOS users.

Sharib says anyone can book essential supplies from this platform. “We also take minimum charge to deliver the same and employed 4-5 staff for the same,” he added.

He says that during the evening, they also deliver fast food to customers’ doorsteps. “We are getting a good response from the people of Srinagar. The chicken, Wazwan and vegetables are delivered within 60 minutes and states that there is no compromise on its quality,” he said.

Customers can reserve according to their required quantity and there is no minimum order restriction for delivery. The application also allows consumers to replace the product.

The startup, which currently operates solely from Pandach Srinagar, claims to have delivered over 4,000 to 5,000 orders since its inception.