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The American comic book publisher DC Comics a d this Monday that the new Superman will be bisexual in the new edition of the comic whose release is scheduled for November 9.

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see their heroes […] The Superman symbol has always stood for hope, truth, and justice. Today, this symbol represents something else. Today more people can see each other in the most powerful superhero in comicsCommented Tom Taylor, author of the text for the next series, titled ‘Superman: Son of Kal-El’.

According to the text, Jon Kent, who will wear his father Clark’s coat, will fall in love with journalist Jay Nakamura. The journalist will appear in the life of the ‘man of steel’, when this “burns mentally and physically for trying to save everything he can, ”specify the authors of the new episode.

For their part, the followers of the comic were divided in their opinions concerning the transformation of the superhero. Thus, some point out that even fictional characters are used for political and economic purposes, while others endorse the decision, using the LGBT flag in their reactions.

“There is hardly any place to go to escape another world without politics in the foreground”, wrote Internet user. “Until Superman is a disabled trans man, keep your pink wash, DC Comics,” I note Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro.

Don’t be fooledIt is the only thing which is close to their hearts, ”condemned another Internet user, enclosing a GIF of money.

“I liked the story of superchildren. I love this character. I don’t care who the writer wants to romantically associate them with as long as the story is still entertaining. nodded a user of social networks.

“Superman and Batman have bi children [sexuales], And we love to see it! “, added other.

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