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Texbase Inc. has launched MaterialFirst Marketplace, a new feature that provides ingredient suppliers and brands with a secure direct marketing channel to customers within Texbase Image: Texbase

Texbase Inc.a cloud-based data management and collaboration platform, launched the MaterialFirst Marketplace, exclusive to Texbase customers.

MaterialFirst offers suppliers a cost-effective and secure direct marketing channel to customers within Texbase. Vendors can track library requests and have security about who can see their materials in the marketplace, while sales and marketing teams can use the information to grow their business. MaterialFirst enables brands and retailers to source from current suppliers or find new suppliers that have been approved by others in the apparel industry.

The new marketplace offers the ability to speed up the development cycle by allowing developers and procurement agents to import materials information into their Texbase libraries.

“Several aspects of MaterialFirst make it unique,” said Texbase CEO Joe Walkuski. “The first thing to note is that it is exclusive to Texbase subscribers. Vendors are vetted by brands, creating a curated list of material sources that brands can connect with and, conversely, vendors are confident that the inquiries they receive are from established customers. Second, we understand the challenge of maintaining content, and to that end we have implemented tools that allow vendors to easily maintain the data describing their collections. Finally, since the supplier and the client operate on the same platform, we can perform interesting data integrations. Overall, MaterialFirst has a great future as we continue to evolve its capabilities to provide validated sources of digital materials data to our customers.

Texbase has also collaborated with a global textile testing partner Hohenstein, which allows Hohenstein customers to send test requests and receive test reports in Texbase Connect. Hohenstein specializes in applied research and development around the interaction between humans, textiles and the environment, with laboratory testing that determines compliance, legal requirements and other quality specifications and guidelines.

“Adding a respected lab like Hohenstein to the Texbase universe of lab partners is so exciting!” said Marci Yamasaki, head of strategic business development at Texbase. “The ability for our customers to send and receive information with Hohenstein for all aspects of testing is a validation of the power of the Texbase system.”