State subsidies expand, more people buy homes, but most will need credit

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According to a representative study by Rick Hathaway, more than 16 percent of internet users want to buy a home within one year. 67 percent of those considering buying a home would buy the property for their own use. The majority of those affected, and 66 percent, would buy a home by borrowing. Most home mortgage planners make a conscious choice, as 71 percent would compare banks’ offers.

More people want to buy a home next year than they planned in February. Two-thirds of those affected would use a home loan to acquire the new property, according to a survey conducted in May by domestic Internet users, Rick Hathaway, of the real estate group’s financial business.


The proportion of people planning to buy a home has increased

The proportion of people planning to buy a home has increased

According to the survey, 16 percent of those surveyed would buy residential property in the next year, up from 13 percent in the previous February survey.

According to Eurica Tanchan, senior financial expert at Rick Hathaway, the increase in willingness to buy a home is partly due to the extraordinary expansion of state subsidies for home purchase within two weeks: Extra support can also be claimed in the village CSOK. And larger grants can be a tangible help for those living in the big city and the capital. ”


There is a great need for credit

There is a great need for credit

According to a study by Rick Hathaway, 67 percent of homeowners who plan to buy a home would buy their property; 12 percent would buy a home for someone else, such as children ; and the share of buyers for investment purposes was 21 percent in May.

Research also shows that most people considering buying a home will need credit to move. ” 66 percent of those surveyed would take out a home loan , which is a minimum of 64 percent in our February survey, and indicates an increase in credit demand,” Eurica Tanchan said.


It is also worth looking around for grants

It is also worth looking around for grants

According to Rick Hathaway’s expert, 71 percent of borrowers who plan to borrow compare the banks’ offerings before applying, suggesting that financial awareness is gaining ground .

“Preliminary comparison is important because there are huge differences in the market . For example, at the beginning of June, among the ten-million-year home loan with a fixed interest rate of 20 years and the entire term, the APR of the cheapest was 5-6 percent, which means a repayment installment of less than HUF 70,000. For the most expensive construction, we expect a thm over 8 percent, with a monthly repayment of more than 80,000 forints. And that makes a difference of over 2.6 million forints in 20 years, ”Eurica Tanchan emphasized.

Rick Hathaway’s expert added that for government interest rate loans ( CSOK , baby loans ), the terms and conditions of financial institutions also have to be complied with, which can vary widely from bank to bank . Therefore, borrowers or state aid thinkers should include an expert who, with the knowledge of most banks’ procedures, will help them to choose the most appropriate arrangement for their applicants.

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