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By Ifham Nizam

The Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers Union (CEBEU) is reportedly stepping up its campaign of non-cooperation until it calls level 2 today.

A senior member of CEBEU said The island yesterday that their campaign was against the current CEO of the CEB and would continue until their demands were met.

He said members, including additional CEOs, should not cooperate with the outgoing CEO, CEB.

The Union’s co-secretary called on members to attend urgent meetings on security issues and restoring power to institutions such as hospitals.

“Complying with COVID-19 guidelines and attending to questions related to COVID are strictly advised to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. Members are also requested to inform all other members of their unit / branch of the above and also to be in communication with their channel / zone representative, ”he added.

CEBEU members, including additional general managers, have been advised by the union not to have written or verbal communications with the current general manager under any circumstances.

Members, including additional CEOs, were also urged not to comply with any circulars or instructions issued by the current CEO on any matter violating all administrative and technical practices, safety rules, manuals of Use, the Code of Professional Conduct for Engineers and the provisions of the Sri Lanka Engineering Council Act, including the Trade Unions Ordinance.

The special note from the Joint Secretary of the Union states: “Members, including additional Directors General, must not participate in any type of committees / meetings called or attended by the titular Director General, CEB.

“All members, including additional CEOs, should not participate in any type of functions / ceremonies if such things are called or assisted by the titular CEO, CEB.

“All members, including additional directors general, should not participate in any type of interview if they are chaired or in the presence of the titular director general, CEB.

“All members, including additional CEOs, should not facilitate or communicate with external or internal parties if those parties are appointed or directed by the current CEO, CEB, even on official matters. “

In addition to the actions already declared as part of the non-cooperation campaign against the president, the CEB should continue its union action, added a senior engineer.