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The Juanita Village store offers bulk food in reusable containers, green cleaning products, housewares and more.

KIRKLAND, Washington – Scoop Marketplace in Kirkland is rising from its ashes – literally.

The one-stop, zero-waste grocery store is reopening after a kitchen fire shut down the business amid complications from the pandemic.

Founder Stephanie Lentz said she is already struggling to keep her small business alive due to extraordinary authorization delays and funding complications.

“Grocery stores are high risk anyway and then I have this wacky and unknown business idea for a zero waste grocery store and [the bank was] like “I don’t know what you’re talking about… I don’t think it’s a good investment,” Lentz said.

However, Lentz persevered and was able to open the grocery store in line with his family’s values ​​around a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

“We are on a mission to standardize zero waste grocery shopping and are passionate about teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives while learning to walk the planet smoother,” she said.

Bulk foods come in reusable containers and household products range from bamboo dish brushes to chemical-free detergents and soaps. Even reusable feminine products offer an alternative to traditional single-use products.

Lentz focuses on sourcing and supporting ethical businesses with a focus on small, local and minority-owned suppliers.

She is also looking to give a helping hand to others who want to open their own sustainable businesses. Lentz offers a unique 8-week digital course that teaches “eco-entrepreneurs” how to start their own zero waste business.

More than 40 people have taken the course and some local graduates include Aline Block who has created a “ready-to-go green store” that provides green products to residents on the east side. Another graduate is opening the “Mimi Zero Waste Market” in Ballard this week.

The final reopening touches are underway on Scoop Marketplace in Juanita this week and the door is open for unpackaged groceries, zero waste lifestyle products and home care products.

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