Requesting your file from the BKR is interesting.

To get a good picture of any outstanding debts that you have. Applying for your BKR is especially interesting when you play with the idea of, for example, making a specific investment or major purchase. Then it is crucial to have a good idea of ​​the options that you may or may not have. Do you also want to borrow money and wonder if you have sufficient options for this? No problem. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about applying for your BKR dose ornamental.

Apply for BKR online

Apply for BKR online

Just like every other organization, the BKR naturally also has a website. This website provides you with lots of interesting information and offers you the possibility to request the current status of your file from the Credit Registration Office. You must bear in mind that there are costs associated with requesting your file from the BKR. These costs (amounting to 4.95 euros) must be paid immediately online. You can do this very easily by using the online payment system iDeal. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the fact that applying for BKR online gives you the option to indicate whether you will look at the file or collect it at the BKR itself or have it delivered at home. This delivery is made using Post NL, but entails additional costs. An overview of these options and costs can be found on the website of the Credit Registration Office and further in this article.

Apply for BKR at your own bank

Apply for BKR at your own bank

The easiest way to request your file from the BKR is through your own bank. There is always a brochure from the BKR with an application form on the back. You must enter this and pay a cost of 4.95 euros, after which the file is requested for you. The BKR file will then be sent to your bank where you can collect it (provided with a valid identification).

Different options for viewing

If you have chosen to apply for your BKR, you will be offered various options for viewing the file. Borrowing money without BKR is not always that interesting and that is why people want to get a clear picture of the possibilities that they have at ordinary banks. In any case, if you have ordered an inspection of your file at the BKR you can make a choice from the following options:

1.) Pick up at a post office
If you choose to have your BKR file delivered to a post office, you must always take extra costs into account. As previously indicated, the costs for requesting the BKR file are 4.95 euros as standard. In addition, however, shipping costs are also charged in the amount of (in this case) 7.90 euros. Please note that if you wish to collect your file from a post office, you must bear in mind that you must not only be able to present the BKR’s e-mail, but also your proof of identity. Without these documents the file will not be handed over.

2.) Home delivery of your file
If you prefer to receive the file immediately at home, that is also possible. In this case you will have to present a valid proof of identity to the postman and also in this situation there are extra costs that must be taken into account. The costs for the file itself amounting to 4.95 euros must be paid, just like 10.90 euros for the delivery.

3.) Pick up at the BKR
The third and final option is to collect your file from the BKR itself. In this case you only have to pay the costs of 4.95 euros, but you must also be in possession of a valid proof of identity.

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