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President Joe Biden’s pick for Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, wants to transform America’s free-market economy into a Soviet-style system – the same kind of central planning that destroyed his homeland, the Union of Republics Soviet socialists.

As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and a survivor of communism, I know firsthand the damage that central planning can do to an economy and to lives. U.S. senators must reject the radical ideology of “Comrade” Omarova, which includes ideas such as nationalizing banks, empowering federal government apparatchiks to set pay scales and prices, and allowing academics oversee investments so that they can finance social experiments. All of this will doom America to the same fate as the country I fled 30 years ago.

Omarova, a winner in her home country of the “Lenin” prize, praised her native Soviet socialist system for the absence of a gender pay gap. She mocked free-market economics for producing a “hole culture” of Wall Street and expressed contempt for our “dysfunctional” financial system.


As someone who grew up waiting in line for hours to get groceries in a crowded grocery store or an empty department store, let me tell you about Omarova’s “wonderful” socialist system. By the time you reached the counter to pay, all that was left to buy was rancid milk or, at the department store, the wrong sized boots. You bought them anyway – the first to make a sour taste tvorog (Cottage cheese), and the second to wear with several pairs of socks.

The socialist economy didn’t produce enough of anything, and anything that was made in the country was barely usable. Why? There was no incentive for anyone to work hard or innovate, as everyone was paid the same, regardless of effort. Government bureaucrats, like Omarova, prevented people from bettering themselves and bettering themselves by controlling every aspect of their lives.


We had a saying under communism: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” There cannot be a gender pay gap when there is no pay. Whether it was a garbage man or a doctor, the salary was never enough to support a family, prompting people to seek seedy alternatives like bribery and black market dealings. Meanwhile, the ruling elites of the Communist Party were the Soviet version of Omarova’s “assholes” on Wall Street, except they produced no wealth.

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President Biden and his coterie of socialists like Omarova are working hard to transform America into the type of “worker and peasant paradise” that many have fled for freedom. For some reason, Omarova never let go of the socialist mindset upon arriving in America, and she’s a pawn in a familiar foreign scheme designed to undermine the United States. As a former DIA intelligence officer and specialist in Russian doctrine and strategy, I am very familiar with efforts to undermine America from within through ideological subversion.

Soviet defector and KGB-trained covert influence expert Yuri Bezmenov warned Americans in the 1980s of a covert Soviet agenda. This “master plan” was designed to transform the United States, in more than 30 years, from a capitalist country to a communist-socialist country through ideological subversion.

The four-step program, which was implemented by the KGB’s vast network of highly trained psychological warfare agents, was intended to change the mindset and behavior of young Americans by exposing them to Marxist ideas- Leninists such as equality of outcome, intolerance of dissent, and rejection of religion. Intelligence agents have infiltrated universities, the media, government institutions, labor unions and Hollywood to portray socialist ideas as desirable and humane, and capitalism as evil and unjust.

The Soviet Union lost the Cold War, but the effort to undermine America is still very hot.

The spies targeted individuals on the left, the so-called “useful idiots”, and cultivated them as “agents of influence” who would educate the next generation of elites – sometimes unwittingly helping the Kremlin execute its plan. In turn, these elites were expected to assume leadership roles in government, business, culture, and other institutions—positions with the power to change or overthrow the American system.

The Soviet Union lost the Cold War, but the effort to undermine America is still very hot.

A leading Russian think tank, in its 2018 issue of a forecast on “international threats”, recommended “disorganizing” the “fundamentals of US strategy”. Russian “analysts” pointed out that under US law, foreign governments can put pressure on the federal government through agents, and that this is not considered interference in domestic politics. The use of emotionally charged language, biblical themes, and arguments related to the defense of human rights and individual freedoms was recommended to create narratives that would resonate with elites in Washington, DC.


It doesn’t matter whether some Americans’ ominous embrace of socialism is the result of a long-term foreign influence agenda or the natural outcome of a democratic society that prioritizes the free exchange of ideas. History has proven time and time again which system produces prosperity – and which produces stagnation and tyranny.

Biden needs to stop acting like a useful idiot who seems to let influencers and radicals — whether local like Bernie Sanders or foreign-born like Saule Omarova — destroy our country from within.