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Noft Games, a BSC-based play-to-earn game, has rolled out a new version of a game Market opening access to a secondary NFT market.

Noft Games continues to expand its ecosystem with the ambition to deliver a compelling product to the gaming audience. For a while, setting up trading instrumentation within the application remained on the backlog. After launching the minimum viable product in early 2021, constantly updating it, and dropping a large collection of NFTs with various artists, they are now launching the Marketplace. It is the repository of their playable NFTs which features public artist profiles and asset owner.

The new Noft Games Marketplace comes with a comprehensive set of search filters, allowing users to find NFTs of the desired rank, abilities, and growth and combat potential. Players are encouraged to sell their characters and buy from other players. Players may want to grow their Nofts by sending them to battles, participating in events to earn EXP points and upgrade their abilities to then sell at a profit, or trade some of the owned Nofts for empty slots.

Another initiative is to expand the range of supported cryptocurrencies to give users a choice of which one to use. As of now, playable NFTs can be traded with BNB and some other standard BEP-20 tokens such as BUSD, USDT, DOGE, and USDC. A multi-chain strategy and the launch of native cryptocurrency Noft Games have been ruled out for the future.

The team has clearly defined development phases for future enhancements. The community expects the mobile app, a custom battlefield builder, and in-game added items, also tradable in the marketplace, to be introduced in-game by the end of 2022. road alludes to the major milestone – expanding to a still-nascent metaverse space.

What is Noft Games?

Noft Games is a P2E blockchain game featuring cosmic-themed battles and playable NFT characters, Nofts. The project provides a fully functional BSC dApp that can be accessed effortlessly and smoothly from any browser to play, earn, buy and sell. It offers a wide range of game modes, including a free play option. The game functions as an auto-battler, allowing users to enjoy algorithm-triggered matches while earning crypto. The team is currently ramping up their marketing efforts and continuing their plans to onboard a large number of artists eager to add the utility of the game to their art.

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