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MEMPHIS, Tennessee – A 28-year-old Georgia man is located after a wild multi-state car chase, a Mississippi officer was shot dead in Memphis and his car stolen before a standoff in Arkansas ended Tuesday.

Cody Dimmett

Cody Dimmett, who was arrested after a six-hour search outside of Forrest City, Arkansas, faces a long list of possible charges. The FBI is on the case while Officer Dimmett, accused of the shooting, recovers.

Investigators believe the chaos began after Dimmett was furious that he wasn’t invited to game night at a neighbor’s home in the Atlanta area.

According to the CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Dimmett, who lives in Marietta, Georgia north of Atlanta, has been on the run since Saturday.

He got angry when he was turned away from a game night at his neighbor’s house. Attendees at the event say he fired numerous rounds at the house. One of the bullets hit someone in the shoulder.

“It was a surreal experience that took place because there was no beef, there was no animosity. There was nothing. We were just playing a game night, a couples game night, and then the situation almost became tragic,” one person said.

Dimmett was in the Memphis area on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, a Southaven police officer serving on the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force was shot and killed in southwest Memphis.

Investigators say the officer discovered Dimmett’s car in Southaven, Mississippi after checking his plate and realizing he was wanted in Georgia.

When the officer tried to stop Dimmett, detectives said he was shot in the arm. He will be fine.

But after the shooting, Dimmett is charged with stealing that officer’s unmarked squad car and leading dozens of officers in the Arkansas chase.

We also learn at one point Dimmett wasn’t alone. At first there was also a woman and a child with him. They were in Memphis.

We checked online court records. It appears Dimmett has been arrested for armed robbery and assault in the past.

Officials are still working out where Dimmett will be charged and what he will be charged with.