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InvestigateTV – More than 25 million people have relied on loans from loved ones to meet their spending needs, according to the of the Census Bureau latest household pulse survey on finance. That number is up from 19.1 million people in the same period last year.

Kaben Clauson, CEO of pigeon loanHe said a big reason could be that a third of all Americans are in a group called Credit Invisible. The “credit invisible” either have no real credit history or have damaged creditworthiness and cannot get a cheap interest rate.

“Americans come predominantly from black and Hispanic communities,” Clauson said. “To be honest, they’re left with few options because traditionally a lot of them have to go to payday lenders or borrow at really high interest rates, which can be predatory.”

Clauson created the Pigeon Loans app and website to give families the ability to create a legal promissory note that does the bookkeeping for them. The app automates payments and even lets users decide how much interest to charge.

If you’re asked for financial help, Clauson advised making sure your own financial house is in order so you don’t find yourself in financial trouble.