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Start-up company that modernizes the operations of lumber sellers, to give lumber buyers the possibility to buy directly online

NEW YORK, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Mickey, an innovative startup, announces the launch of its automated woodworking marketplace. The Mickey Marketplace offers a variety of hardwoods sourced directly from NHLA-certified producers harvesting logs from sustainable and renewable forest resources around United States – give more small and medium-sized suppliers, as well as large forest products companies, access to sell their inventory directly online to buyers. The Mickey Marketplace offers live, real-time inventory, with an automated and simple fulfillment process and a complete end-to-end purchasing solution. The Mickey Marketplace will handle the entire transaction, from order placement and payment processing to shipping and delivery, without any human intervention.

Since 2019, Mickey has focused on modernizing the antiquated day-to-day operations of North American natural resource providers, such as lumber vendors. Mickey’s flagship product, “Mickey OS”, is an operating system that quickly automates and streamlines the heaviest parts of business such as logistics, payment processing and real-time fulfillment.

The new market offering represents the first time wood buyers can participate in the platform and existing Mickey suppliers can access new buyers with their key customers. The Mickey platform will continue to automate marketing, payment, logistics and order shipping.

“We kept hearing from vendors that this was something they wanted as an additional avenue for their e-commerce business,” said Alex RabenCo-founder and CEO of Mickey.

The Mickey Marketplace gives timber buyers a new option to purchase the inventory they need – without having to go through a broker or middleman to complete the transaction. Now US manufacturers, builders and other players have direct access to securing the lumber they need – and orders can be placed for delivery within 1-30 days depending on buyer demand and the availability of suppliers. Expected delivery times will be approximately 1-5 days depending on proximity to buyer and supplier, and currently Mickey can only ship to mainland United States.

At launch, buyers will be able to purchase full truckloads of kiln-dried, raw or S2S hardwoods in western red alder, white or black ash, basswood, beech, yellow or white birch, cherry, hard or soft maple or Pacific Coast maple, Red or white oak, walnut, hickory, sap gum, tupelo, sycamore, poplar. Inventory will include a variety of thicknesses from 3/4 to 16/4 and random widths and lengths.

“Until now, the hardwood market has relied on traditional and outdated buying and selling methods,” said Alex Meyer, general manager of Mickey. “We give forest product suppliers access to a liquid national market and ultimately the ability to sell at market prices without being compromised by middlemen and wholesalers.”

Suppliers, such as from Wisconsin Tigerton Lumber Company is excited to bring their business online. “It’s very exciting,” said mike schulke, vice president of sales and marketing. “This is exactly the direction the industry needs to go!”

Committed to a net-zero carbon future, Mickey’s Marketplace will calculate the carbon intensity of every wood purchase for its users with the aim of providing sustainability reports to both parties – and potentially allowing sellers of forest products to monetize the land they do not market via carbon credits.

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Mickey, an innovative technology company, is on a mission to make it easier for hardwood suppliers and buyers to connect through its online marketplace. The Mickey Marketplace offers hardwood suppliers a place to sell and market their inventory to a variety of buyers across United States. Mickey’s technology handles the entire transaction, including real-time inventory, payment processing, and shipping and logistics. Learn more at

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