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McLaren dropped some rather flighty digital collectibles last year. Formula 1 fans were everywhere and passionately collected 3D components of a Formula 1 car. Now there is a new way to trade them.

McLaren Racing’s CAD system has split the McLaren MCL35M Formula 1 car into 22 collectible 3D components. Punters could buy digital car parts minted on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain. If they got all 22 pieces, they could build their very own MCL35M 3D collectible. And, one guy did just that. The superfan managed to secure all 22 pieces – you can see his finished car here.

This week, McLaren unveils a new NFT drop. McLaren Racing Collective fans can now get their hands on a Gulf-Liveried MCL35M.

Working with them on this NFT exploit is This week, Sweet launched a user-to-user NFT marketplace. This gave fans exclusive access to the second McLaren Racing Collective NFT drop.

The market was designed to lower barriers to entry and fans can trade directly with each other. This improves their chances of collecting all 22 coins. They can also auction off unwanted parts. Or whip their finished cars.

McLaren’s User-to-User NFT Marketplace

To use most NFT marketplaces, users need a basic understanding of setting up, funding, and trading in the NFT space, using a cryptocurrency wallet based on a Navigator. The complexity of this can prevent people from entering the market.

The Sweet Marketplace aims to reduce complexities by guiding sellers and buyers through a simple verification process. This is intended to eliminate malicious activity and ensure fair and accessible auctions. Once verified, sellers are guided through the process of onboarding a blockchain wallet to receive funds. They can set a duration for the auction, set a minimum starting bid, and list their McLaren Racing collectibles for sale. The free market decides the value of the asset.


The Sweet platform has hosted other NFT campaigns including Macy’s, Burger King, the Chicago Blackhawks and Dave & Buster’s.

Tom Mizzone is the CEO of Sweet. He said McLaren Racing Collective NFT’s first drop showed fans love the swap part of the process. So they made it easy for them. “Instead of trading taking place off-platform, thanks to creative deals made through Discord and Venmo, Sweet is now able to offer McLaren Racing’s highly engaged Discord community of over 10,000 people the ability to transact with verified users.”

When it comes to McLaren cars, we’d all rather drive the real thing. But in the meantime, there are NFTs.

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