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PESHAWAR: The Pashto translation of a famous book “Foundations of a Free Society” by British author Eamonn Butler was launched on Sunday at the Baragali campus, University of Peshawar.

The launch ceremony took place under the auspices of National Influencers (NI). Students, teachers and book lovers attended the event, according to a statement.

Speakers on the occasion called the new title a crash course for readers and researchers to understand various aspects of market economics.

The book was translated into Pashto by Sulaiman Yousafzay, president of National Influencers and an expert on free-market economics, limited government, individual freedoms and the rule of law.

Speaking as the keynote speaker, Sulaiman Yousafzay said the Pashtun translation of the book would benefit Pashtuns to understand the global perspective on the issues of market economy and poverty eradication.

More than 100 young people and students attend the ceremony at the Baragali campus of the UoP

He said the book explored the main economic effects of freedom on human life, society, economy and culture. He said the main focus of the title is economic freedom through a discussion of market economy, property rights, individual freedom, tax system, free trade, financial system and others. socio-economic indicators.

Mr. Yousafzay said that the Pashto translation of the book had become inevitable not only for academic purposes, but also for the benefit of readers, who wanted to know the depth of the problem, as scholars needed to broaden the scope of their students through quality documents.

He said the Pashto translation provided insight into the main concepts of the original text, which would allow readers to draw solutions from the book for issues concerning the local context.

Dr Shakeel said on the occasion that the role of government was important in providing an enabling environment for the free market economy and encouraging local traders and startups to create wealth and take action to eradicate poverty. of the society.

He said such content was not available in the local market for readers and young researchers. He said the Pashto translation would be an important step towards quality reading. “Such reading actually gives insight into how the free market economy also affects our moral and spiritual life as it provides logical and practical solutions to problems,” he added.

Dr Hashim Khan said the Pashtun translation summarized the basic concept of the British economist in a very clear style. More than 100 students and young people from the fields of business and economics attended the ceremony.

Posted in Dawn, May 23, 2022