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The Iranian military intercepted American MQ-9 and RQ 4 drones attempting to enter the country’s air defense identification zone, they report local media.

The incident occurred during the annual Zolfaqar-1400 exercises that the Iranian armed forces carried out in the Strait of Hormuz that ended on Tuesday, less than a month before the next nuclear negotiations with the West. Infantry, armored units, mechanized army regiments, as well as Iranian navy, air force and air defense units participated in the maneuvers.

The US drones MQ-9 and RQ 4 changed course after approaching the Iranian border and after being intercepted and warned by the Iranian military.

As Ali Bagheri Kani, Tehran negotiator, had previously assured, the meetings to restore the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 between Iran and six world powers, and which had been suspended after Washington’s unilateral departure in 2018, will resume. November 29 in Vienna.

Iranian authorities believe that the United States could only join the international nuclear deal if Washington lifts economic sanctions imposed on Tehran, takes responsibility for derailing the pact and guarantees that it will not come out unilaterally as in 2018. .

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