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Based on supply chain data on smartphone production levels, a market intelligence company predicts that the iPhone market share for the fourth quarter of 2021 will reach 23.1%. That would be up from 15.9% last quarter, and enough to convincingly take Samsung’s No.1 slot.

Apple is expected to benefit from both strong demand during the holidays and better supply chain management than its competitors – factors also cited in a previous tablet report.

Trend force says economic uncertainty and component shortages continue to constrain smartphone sales in general, despite some improvements.

The smartphone market shows improving demand in the second half of this year due to the peak season of e-commerce promotional activities and the mitigation of COVID-19 outbreaks in regions such as Southeast Asia. Southeast, according to the latest TrendForce surveys. However, there have been significant component shortages including 4G SoCs, low-end 5G SoCs, display panel driver ICs, and more. Persistent component shortcomings are preventing smartphone brands from increasing device production for the second half of the year. […]

Going forward, an important observation point in the smartphone market is whether the pandemic will further weaken demand.

The firm said Apple’s iPhone 13 launch was clearly a big success.

Apple released four new iPhone models in the iPhone 13 series in 3Q21. Thanks to their contribution, total iPhone production for 3Q21 saw a QoQ increase of 22.6% to 51.5 million units. With this result, Apple was also able to climb to second place in the world ranking.

But the party district is where Apple expects it to shine. It says supply chain reports on production levels suggest that Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo are likely to see their market share drop, while Apple will see its share drop from 15.9% to the last one. quarter at 23.2% this one. This will be enough to overtake Samsung, to take the lead in the global smartphone market.

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