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We’re not even sure what it was referring to specifically, another Culture War gas bomb thrown into the Twitterverse by freshman GOP outrage Envelope Agent Rep. Lauren Boebert This weekend because it was Saturday:

As our readers and everyone who wants it google to discover that there is a small problem with Boebert judging everyone on this planet for sexual “grooming” behavior. It’s actually not a small problem, in fact it is one very big problem, as a result, albeit not physically. And for some reason yesterday’s random outburst from Boebert provoked an unusually high-profile backlash that reminds Boebert of the nature of their problem:

In response to Boebert’s tweet denouncing the “far left’s” “grooming bullcrash,” Boebert received hundreds upon hundreds of replies linking to the salon Story from last August that is thoroughly documented Jayson Boeberts Convicted of public indecency after exposing his genitals to young women at a western Colorado bowling alley in 2004. It wasn’t the first story about this incident, but it remains the most thorough and best-circulated retelling.

By now you’re probably wondering, if you haven’t already: What kind of idiots would incur this scathing examination of their own record by throwing at their opponents something of their own baggage?

The answer, as we have examined a number of times, is that Boebert deliberately chooses lines of attack that closely match her own scandals in order to confuse her critics. Sexual impropriety is just one of the most lurid examples among many such examples, including Boebert’s payday loan from her campaign account and the rant against the January 6 riot investigation, which Boebert is more or less targeting.

It’s a strategy that worked for a while, as it has many times donald trump, Until it is no longer possible.

And as for the topic of “care” for children, it’s no longer working for Lauren Boebert.