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A few months ago, a lot of people had no idea what NFTs were. And then suddenly, at the start of the year, news broke about NFT transactions worth millions of dollars. NFTs became a hot topic, and the more people learned about space, the more attractive it became.

The NFT space continues to grow day by day and more and more content creators are joining it. However, as with anything new, the chances of being scammed are very high if you don’t know where to start. The Fans only Marketplace is a great place to start for content creators and their subscribers.

Fans only is a crypto-based influencer marketplace for creators and their followers. The platform is the work of seasoned experts in the entertainment and venture capital industries.

The team understands the challenges content creators face and plans to help them in a number of ways. First, he plans to create a new social media platform where interactions between influencers and their followers can be monetized by either party.

For creators, this will happen in one of three ways. First, the creator has the option of minting their work and turning it into NFT. This will ensure that no one will be able to reproduce that work, and the creator will get any royalties owed to him from the initial sale of the work. All NFTs are unique, so no one else will pretend it’s theirs.

Second, the creator can control the supply of his work. They can decide to produce exclusive works to which only a few people will have access and, therefore, control their prices. Third, the creator will get all the recognition they deserve for their work. This can indirectly bring more income to the creator by attracting more followers who will buy their exclusive works.

The FansOnly platform also took into account the creator’s audience. Subscribers will interact with their favorite content creators and get their exclusive works immediately upon release.

The marketplace also has a special platform, the FanSwap, where fans can trade their NFTs with other users. The platform is interactive, so users can interact with other fans of their favorite influencers. If you don’t have an NFT to trade for another, you can always buy directly from the seller.

All transactions on FansOnly will be made using the platform’s governance token, the FansOnly coin, $ FOC. Users can purchase the coins with a debit card or using another cryptocurrency. FansOnly will reward token holders when someone buys or sells the $ FOC.

The team behind FansOnly have had successful projects in the past that make them trustworthy. This is the marketing team behind Kishu Inu and the developers of other projects like Aerdrop. The team has also created startups funded by venture capital and worked in large startups in Silicon Valley.

According to the team, the NFT space will continue to grow stronger in the future. He says, “Crypto is moving fast. A month in crypto is a year in business. DeFi is growing in popularity and NFTs are only taking off. Our team is tackling both with FansOnly.”

The team is building all the tools needed to see the Fans only the market is developing better and serving all influencers and their fans well in the future.