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GlobalComix announces its new Talent Marketplace, a platform designed to connect comic book professionals with potential collaborators for new projects.

Digital comic book, graphic novel and manga reading and distribution platform GlobalComix has announced a new tool for comic book professionals to connect with each other called the Talent Marketplace.

Talent Marketplace gives creators access to a vast network of writers, artists, colorists, editors and more to help them find collaborators for new or existing projects.

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“At GlobalComix, we’re committed to helping comic book creators succeed, whether they find work and income or find a team to collaborate with on their next big project,” said CEO and Founder of GlobalComix, Christopher Carter. “The Talent Marketplace is an extension of that mission, which is why we’ve created an essential resource for comic book creators to connect with each other. success in the comic book industry, and we’re here to support them by providing them with the resources they might need along the way. “

“Given the challenges of the international supply chain, we are seeing a wave of support for digital comics,” added Gamal Hennessy, whose Creative Contract Consulting (C3) will provide free legal consultation to users of Talent Marketplace. “The potential of GlobalComix’s talent marketplace offers an elegant solution for creators looking to foster partnerships, increase productivity and bring stories to market in ways we’ve never seen before. . “

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Source: GlobalComix

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