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A personal loan (also known as personal credit) is a bank term for a private credit form intended for consumers. If since the 60s, when the personal was introduced in the Netherlands it is a popular loan. Due to fierce competition between lenders, this form of loan has sharp promotions and low interest rates. The interest payment is higher than with a mortgage due to a lack of security, but lower than with a revolving credit due to a lack of interest rate risk.

With a personal loan, the loan sum (the money amount) is paid out in one go. The loan amount for a personal loan is generally between € 500 and € 75,000. The term with this money loan to repay the loan sum and interest can usually be between 6 and 60 months. In the loan agreement of a personal loan the interest and duration are set and these cannot be changed during the term. As a result, the course of the personal loan is completely fixed.

A loan with certainty.

One of the main reasons why a personal loan is popular is because this way of lending money offers the consumer a lot of security. In fact, of all loan variants, the personal loan is the one that offers the most security. You are guaranteed a fixed interest, repayment, monthly payment and a fixed loan amount.
If you know how much money you want to borrow, a personal credit is ideal for you. Whether you want financing for a new car, kitchen or washing machine, this type of loan will show you exactly where you are waiting.


  • A personal loan leaves all loan variants behind in terms of security;
  • Repayment, interest, monthly charges and the amount of the loan are 100% fixed;
  • The lender runs no risk of losing at a very low interest rate, there is no interest rate risk;
  • In a number of cases the personal credit is offered with a free death cover.


  • You pay a static (fixed) monthly amount in the form of repayment and the interest charge. If you prefer to repay flexibly, the revolving credit option may be something for you.
  • You cannot withdraw the cash amounts that you have repaid, in contrast to a revolving credit.

Is taking out a personal loan wise for me?

If you find yourself in a situation where you know exactly how much money you want to borrow, then in almost all cases you are advised to opt for a personal loan. In this way you know exactly when you will get rid of the loan. One point that you should definitely pay attention to is the lifetime of the financed product, make sure that it is longer the duration of your loan. This prevents you from paying a loan for a product that you no longer have.

Explanation of money reserve.

Explanation of money reserve.

Just like a personal loan in the cash reserve, a form of financing, only with a cash reserve there is the possibility to re-borrow amounts that you have already repaid. The term of a revolving loan is variable, because you as a borrower can flexibly withdraw and repay money. Theoretically, when a revolving loan is taken out, a term is set, but in practice this has little significance because there are usually situations that adjust the term.

Important features of a cash reserve:

  • The duration is variable
  • The interest rate on this loan is variable
  • The installment amount can change
  • Without extra costs Early repayment is possible

Credit limit with a cash reserve.

If you want to borrow money through a cash reserve, you can count on a maximum amount of between € 1,500 and € 75,000. You agree this maximum amount with your lender in advance. As the borrower, you determine yourself the amount you want to borrow as long as the total loan amount remains within the credit margin. The full loan amount can be withdrawn in one go, but the borrower can also choose to do this in a number of steps.

A flexible loan.

The cash reserve is a popular loan because this loan is flexible. money reserve therefore offers the most variable loan that can be found in the loan country. In that case you do not have a fixed interest, repayment, monthly payment or loan amount that you do have with a personal loan, but you always have money in hand.

Because this revolving loan is variable, this loan is perfect for the following situations, for example. You want to wait but immediately (re) furnish your home or you want to make your garden colorful again. It’s possible with a cash reserve! If you want to purchase an expensive product such as a vehicle, it is not advisable to do so via a cash reserve but via a personal credit. Small products such as a washing machine, dryer computer or perhaps a sun holiday are suitable for a revolving loan.

When is a cash reserve recommended?

If you want to borrow money but do not know exactly what amount you need, a cash reserve is recommended. Because with a revolving loan you always have money in hand.


  • You determine the credit limit together with the lender;
  • Loan payments already repaid can be withdrawn;
  • You only have to pay interest on the amount that you withdraw;
  • You can repay extra free of charge;
  • Because the interest rate is variable, you can benefit from interest rate reductions;
  • With some lenders you receive a free death cover with your loan.


  • The interest on a cash reserve is generally higher than that of a personal loan;
  • The interest may rise during the loan term;
  • And this loan is less cheap than a mortgage loan.

Take out the cheapest loan.

Take out the cheapest loan.

Requesting a loan quotation through different quotes means coming to the right decision and therefore saving money. Because via this website you can request a completely free and non-binding offer from all reliable lenders. With the information and offers that the lenders offer you in these quotes you can find the loan that suits you. It is wise to request a quote from all lenders because it offers you more options and discounts.

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