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Farfetch, one of the world’s leading platforms and top shopping destinations for fashion, plans to expand its market and enter the beauty market later this year. As a luxury company founded on providing the best selection of fashion brands, it is important for Farfetch to offer the same quality in its new business, which is why the global platform has acquired the goods retailer from luxury beauty, Violet Grey.

Like Farfetch, Violet Gray has become a renowned destination for beauty and has been the launch pad for many of today’s most iconic global beauty brands. Violet Grey’s community of dedicated members, who love the brand for its expertise and the trust they have established among customers, creates the perfect synergy with Farfetch’s global customer base for Farfetch to become a retail giant of fashion and beauty.

“The acquisition of Violet Gray is an important step ahead of the launch of beauty on Farfetch later this year and will form part of our overall beauty strategy palette,” said Stephanie Phair, Chief Customer Officer at Farfetch, in the press release. . “This will allow us to offer our informed and engaged customers a curated selection of the industry’s most sought-after products on the Farfetch Marketplace, joining a world of beauty brands, from big iconic global brands to smaller cult brands. ”

Phlair goes on to say, “We will be able to show our customers an immersive crossover between fashion and beauty, leveraging our innovation capabilities to deliver exciting features to our customers. Cassandra has built a true authority in the beauty industry and has an incredible and intuitive understanding of where beauty is going and what clients want.

In Grey’s new role, she will become a Global Beauty Advisor on the Farfetch Marketplace and work to incubate and accelerate new brands as co-founder of NGG Beauty. Gray will also serve as President of Violet Grey, providing overall strategic and creative direction and continuing to foster the community that Violet Gray is known for.

“We’ve had an eye on Farfetch since its inception and I’ve long admired the [founder of Farfetch] love of fashion and its inspired mission to connect curators, creatives and customers in a way that revolutionizes the consumer experience and meets us wherever we are,” Gray explains in the press release. “I, Sarah Brown and our group of beauty editors couldn’t be prouder or more eager to bring our love of beauty and insightful eye to the Farfetch ecosystem.”

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