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eBay has announced the launch of a series of exclusive Funko products as part of a newly formed collaboration with Funko, a leading pop culture and lifestyle brand.

Through this collaboration, eBay combines its global reach and unique inventory to continue to deliver a seamless experience that gives enthusiasts access to exciting, high-value items, including eBay-exclusive Funko merchandise.

“With millions of Funko product sales on our marketplace last year, we recognize that this incredibly engaged community of collectors is already shopping on eBay.”

Dawn Block, Vice President of Collectibles, Electronics and Home at eBay

“Our collaboration with Funko to bring exclusive inventory to our platform allows us to provide even more rare collectibles that these enthusiasts covet,” added Block.

Funko’s collection on eBay will offer enthusiasts access to rare and sought-after Funko merchandise from iconic fandoms – the first of which is now available here. Additional drops in the series will be released later this year.

“Creating iconic products that connect fans with their passion is at the heart of what we do. Collaborating with eBay allows us to expand our reach, delighting even more Funko collectors around the world.

Johanna Gepford, Senior Vice President of Direct to Commerce at Funko

The collectibles market has fueled this collaboration between eBay and Funko, as eBay continues to shape the future of collecting through new digital and physical capabilities.

eBay recently extended its authenticity guarantee service to trading cards and also launched eBay Vault, a secure storage facility and digital marketplace for trading cards.

These enhancements follow industry-leading tools introduced in 2021, including Price Guide and Image Collection and Scanning.

eBay collectibles by the numbers

  • Collectibles is a targeted category on eBay.
  • In 2021, there were over 4 million listings and 88 million searches for Funko Pop on eBay.
  • In 2021, trading card GMV more than doubled pre-pandemic levels, with an average of 2 trading cards purchased every second on eBay.
  • In 2021, sports ticket stub GMV increased 60% YoY, coin and ticket GMV increased 34% YoY, and comic book GMV increased 22% YoY.

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