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EL PASO, Texas – Over the past year, the Eastlake area has grown exponentially, from restaurants to stores, the community has seen significant growth.

They’ve hosted about 30 stores in Eastlake Market alone, with more under construction.

The market sits opposite one of the country’s largest online retail giants, the Amazon fulfillment center, which was expected to create around 750 border jobs.

“Before it was just sand, it was everything, just desert, but now it’s very different,” said local resident Valentina Verdugo. “…a lot more traffic, like every day and every time, but it’s very nice because we had nothing and now we have it.”

One of the newest additions to the market store list is Crumbl Cookies.

The cookie store was made popular nationwide through social media platform, tiktok. Obtaining more than 4 million followers on the app.

According to Crumbl, they are now the second largest cookie company in the country.

They are known for their rotating weekly menu of different types of cookie flavors.

A family told ABC-7 that they drove nearly 2 hours from Alamogordo, New Mexico, just to pick up their cookies.

“We are cookie fanatics, we love Crumbl and order them at least every other week, but this is the closest place to home. We live in Alamogordo, so we went out,” said Jessica Aranda Traveler of Alamogordo, NM.

El Paso has been great, we’ve had huge success, we’ve actually been one of the most successful Crumbls in the country since we opened and we continue to grow here,” said Shaun Marsh, owner of Crumbl Cookies.

The construction of a second Crumbl Cookies is in progress. It will be located in the Pebble Hills market and then seek to expand into West El Paso.