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October 29, 2021 – ClariPi Inc. recently announced that its ClariCT.AI software will be available on Nuance AI Marketplace, the first and largest portal with single access to a wide range of the world’s most widely used AI diagnostic models. sector. radiological reporting platform.

ClariCT.AI is an innovative, vendor independent CT denoising solution based on deep learning technology. It is both FDA approved and CE marked and offers a significant increase in the clarity of the CT image, even with ultra-low dose CTs. Trained with over a million patient images containing varying degrees of noise for different parts of the body, the Clarity Engine selectively separates noise from the image while enhancing underlying structures; thus, providing restored images with clarity.

The Nuance AI Marketplace functions as an application store dedicated to radiology. It gives algorithm developers consolidated, large-scale access to users of Nuance PowerScribe, the radiology reporting platform that approximately 80% of US radiologists trust in more than 9,000 connected healthcare facilities. Radiologists can discover, test, and use AI models from their familiar PowerScribe reporting and workflow orchestration solutions to increase reporting efficiency and quality, and to help healthcare teams improve patient outcomes and health care costs. A built-in feedback channel allows users to share real results with developers for model refinement and post-market monitoring. Hospital systems benefit from simplified purchasing and metrics showing AI usage, costs and performance.

With Nuance AI Marketplace, implementation is simplified, providing easy access to ClariPi’s cutting-edge AI software. The cloud-based solution eliminates the need for major infrastructure purchases, upgrades and maintenance. Having ClariCT.AI on Nuance AI Marketplace will ensure easy accessibility through cloud-based distribution and deployment.

“Radiologists need to have high-quality imaging for the best possible interpretation, while protecting patients from overexposure to radiation. We created ClariCT.AI, to have the best of both worlds – clean, quality CT imaging and radiation protection. With Nuance AI Marketplace, we get one step closer to our vision: implementation is simplified, providing easy access to ClariPi’s cutting-edge AI software, ”said Harry Park, President of ClariPi USA Inc.

ClariPi Inc. was founded in February 2015 to provide innovative solutions to unmet medical imaging needs through the convergence of smart Big Data and medical imaging technologies. Their products are the result of long-term collaborative research between engineers and medical experts and have been designed to help medical imaging experts make confident decisions with clearer information and practical decision advice. ClariPi provides innovative solutions to help medical experts cope with the rapidly changing 21st century healthcare landscape.

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