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Because what you want – and you don’t even know it – is to attend a corporate meeting via the big screen, AMC and Zoom make it happen.

The movie theater chain and the meeting tech company are coming together to deliver ginormous teleconferences for remote workers, complete with popcorn and Jujubes.

Starting next year, companies will be able to book movie theaters in 17 major markets for Zoom meetings.

But why?

Cinemas are doing better than last year. Partly because last year was so bad, and partly because “Top Gun: Maverick.” But there are worrying signs that the bread and butter of cinemas – superhero movies – could become obsolete.

“We’ve seen a bit of a dip in interest in some of the cinematic universes, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, ‘Doctor Strange’,” said John Poelking of market research firm Mintel.

The quarterly all-staff meeting will never make as much money as “Black Panther,” but it could help theaters diversify their revenue streams.

And it’s possible that renting a theater will improve zooms, said Columbia Business School’s Melanie Brucks.

“You’re obviously less likely to check your email, you’re less likely to go away and daydream about other things because you’re in a space that’s supposed to be really a complete experience,” she said.

Brucks is concerned, however, about how awful zoom issues look on the big screen.

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