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INDIANOLA, Iowa, October 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – IdRamp, a leading provider of zero trust passwordless identity services for businesses, today announced the release of Bouncer, a new Zoom security app now publicly available on the Zoom App Marketplace. Bouncer was developed with IdRamp as part of their partnership with bak2.vie. provides simple digital security tools through easy-to-use consumer products. As a specialist in corporate digital identity orchestration, IdRamp has been securing virtual meeting and collaboration platforms since the early days of web conferencing.

Bouncer enhances Zoom’s security measures and eliminates the risk of unwanted participants accessing meetings. Bouncer brings powerful zero-trust security capabilities to the Zoom Marketplace and adds easy-to-use participant access controls that eliminate event hacking. Bouncer also allows hosts to restrict participation in virtual events to specific pre-approved attendees, eliminating the threat of unapproved attendees entering or “zoom bombing” into meetings.

The prevalence of Zoom bombings (virtual portal crashes) where random people disrupt meetings is increasing. The majority of Zoom bombing cases begin with a participant in the call posting the link publicly and inviting malicious people to attack them. These incidents are now preventable through the use of the Bouncer application. Zoom has a collection of default security features to help manage attendees, but Bouncer offers complete protection without trust, never trust, always verify, to Zoom.

“Even before the pandemic forced many people to work from home, Zoom had become an essential lifeline for business, education and personal use,” said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp. “The dangers of Zoom bombings and the confusion around hard-to-manage event security settings have left many people uncomfortable with virtual meetings. IdRamp has been building powerful, verifiable identification tools and platforms for business security for years, but with we ​​can put them in the hands of the everyday consumer as well. “

With the bouncer, you can provide simple email mailman permission to access events or webinars in Zoom. For additional protection, you can also add verifiable credentials as a factor. Verifiable Credentials provide decentralized cryptographic verification for the latest cutting edge digital protection. With Zoom Bouncer, you can bring Zero Trust security to your zooming experience.

For more information on Bouncer, visit the Zoom Market.

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