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“Much of the inspiration behind my tracks. Think of my style as an “Imigongo Remix!” -Maïa Lépine

BROOKLYN, NY, United States, October 6, 2021 / – The African Artists Coalition is proud to announce that Rwandan-Canadian artist Maïa Lépine has created a series of the very first Rwandan art NFTs Imigongo *, and was subsequently chosen as the Featured Artist for the launch of Humbl’s new NFT Marketplace (based in San Diego).

The Marketplace featured their Strong Woman piece on their login page, which sold out within 30 minutes, and also minted six of their NFTs from their original artwork. In an effort to bridge the gap between traditional African art and the future of digital arts; Maïa Lépine, spearhead of the Coalition of African Artists, uses her art to represent, celebrate and promote Rwandan cultural heritage. With African arts being a large part of the revenue of the Global Art Market, it was important for Maïa to lead the way for her fellow African artists and lead by example in this ever-changing digital landscape.

“I paint from an emotional place. I often call it my therapy because when I paint I lose myself in time and space – and I am able to release whatever I feel, and to its “place a new creation takes shape. It gives me an immense source of pride to be able to continue the art of the traditional Rwandan style and to expose others to its history.” She explained her art.

“My goal is not only to share my personal voice as a creator, but also to introduce an updated narrative regarding his country of origin. Rwanda is so much more colorful than its dark history. The beauty of our human experience is that each of us can share our own point of view. We look forward to sharing mine with you! ”- Maïa

Imigongo * is an art form of painting born in the 18th century in the province of Kibungo (south-eastern Rwanda). Kakira, son of Kimenyi, king of Gisaka is said to have invented the art of embellishing houses and making them more attractive. To decorate its interior walls, cow dung was used, in geometric patterns with protruding ridges. Then the surfaces were painted in red and white from natural earth (kaolin white, natural clay red with ocher), or in shiny black made from the sap of the aloe plant – ikakarubamba – mixed with the ash of burnt banana peels and fruits of the solanum aculeastrum plant. This artistic style almost died out in the mid-1990s; however, today he is thriving and doing well; provide income to Rwandan women and their families. Imigongo * works of art were (and are) mostly made by women – today there are cooperatives in Rwanda that keep this art form alive.

Currently hosting information sessions and workshops, Maïa has not only focused on sharing her own art, but also providing resources and expertise to other African artists seeking to expand the reach of their art. With a focus on heritage preservation and heritage celebration, this is the first of many strategic collaborations with the next generation of African Arts & Art Dealing.

RWANDA NFT available
Humbl / OpenSea

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About Maïa Lépine
Daughter of a Rwandan woman and a Canadian diplomat, Maïa is a New York painter born from two cultures. Growing up and living between the North American (United States and Canada) and African (Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger, Ethiopia, Rwanda) continents – she discovered her artistic voice through a mosaic of inspirations throughout throughout its journey; that marked his experience. A personal blend of traditional Rwandan inspirations coupled with abstract contemporary influences; Maia’s work reflects the unique perspective of how multiculturalism can impact tradition-based art, while creating an updated narrative when it comes to African-American arts.

The African Artists Coalition is a collective of African artists, curators and art lovers from the continent and its diaspora; focused on the promotion, celebration and sharing of African art. Focus on the future and exhibition of African arts, through the eyes of its community of creators and creatives through different genres and disciplines. Our mission is to represent the unique dynamism of our continent while extending its presence beyond our borders.


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