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Decentralized Finance is a fast growing industry with a thriving ecosystem of DEX, NFT markets, oracles, derivatives and stablecoins.

The Ardadex protocol is expected to be the first Defi platform to provide both DEX and NFT launch pad functionality over the Cardano network.

The Ardadex protocol will integrate cross-chain trading, which enhances the functionality of aggregation and cross-trading.

The Ardadex protocol enables users to earn passive income as a liquidity provider and also creates a stable platform where digital creators can turn their photos, ideas, music, and paintings into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The $ ARDAN token is the native token of the Ardadex ecosystem, where it is used to distribute cash rewards and participate in governance.

The Ardadex protocol has garnered remarkable attention and public share from major financial institutions including BusinessInsider, MorningStar, Investing, and many more. Shortly after its public launch on the Cardano network.

Impressive use cases on the NFT space

The NFT boom is in full swing as big brands, celebrities, and athletes create their own NFTs to capitalize on the latest cryptocurrency trend, earning millions in the process.

Ardadex’s mission is to create a truly decentralized yet robust NFT platform where digital creators can turn their photos, ideas, music, and paintings into non-fungible tokens. All of these goods can be cast as tokens that can be traded as physical items.

By depositing it as a token, we allow goods to:

1. Have a dynamic price on the Blockchain

2. Negotiated in fractions and can also be held in fraction

Unique features of the Ardadex ecosystem

  • Early access to exclusive NFT drops
  • Redistribution of each purchase, sale and transfer of $ Ardan token
  • Become a liquidity provider on the Cardano blockchain using AMM protocol and earn passive income.
  • Exchange and transfer to a different address in one transaction
  • Exchange the ADA for any native Cardano token
  • Join liquidity pools to collect fees on native ADA – Cardano token pairs
  • Buy ADA or any native Cardano token from the Yoroi wallet
  • Participate in a decentralized financial center, open and accessible to all
  • Use Ardan as the payment currency for fees and featured ads
  • A chain sponsorship program has been set up to encourage users to invite friends to join the breeding. Guests will earn 10% of their friend’s chip purchases.
  • Strong ecosystem background.

The Ardadex NFT platform will usher in a new paradigm of creation and exchange, enabling creators to

1. Earn all the value they have created by selling their products as an NFT at a dynamic price.

2. Engage their many followers (those with a significant number of followers) to participate and buy into the ideas and products they love early in the creation process.

The distribution of Ardan tokens has been carefully designed to create a decentralized, community-based DeFi protocol that is not controlled by a small group of actors, a total amount of one billion Ardan tokens will be issued and distributed.

In total, 500 million Ardan tokens will be distributed during the presale and public sale stages.

At the pre-sale stage, 1 Ardan token will be sold for 0.001 ADA.

Ardadex Token presale is active

Users can be one of the first to adopt $ ARDAN tokens by participating in the ongoing token presale. Visit our website and click on the pre-sale link to participate in the first phase of sales.

Additional information: Website | Telegram group | Telegram chain | Twitter | Instagram | Average.


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