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Terry Richardson doesn’t like to talk about his competitors, saying AMD’s financial numbers and market growth over the past few quarters speak for themselves.

Richardson, AMD’s North America chain chief, didn’t name the big three competitors – Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm – but it’s clear the company is aiming for the No. 1 spot not only in the segment games, but also takes a big step forward. the data center with its flamboyant line of EPYC processors. The push helped the company achieve 70% year-over-year growth in its latest quarter, despite strong economic headwinds, Richardson said during a session at Xchange 2022. The Channel Company in Denver. The Channel Company is the parent company of CRN US.

“We are proud of the growth, but we know we still have a long way to go to achieve the goals we have,” he said. “We are pleased with the acceleration in revenues. We are growing much faster than the market, which means we are taking market share for the first time.

Richardson noted that data center activity grew 83% year over year and the company’s customer offering market grew 25% year over year. “These markets are not growing as fast,” he said. “I’m not here to talk about my competition other than to compare these results.”

AMD, while posting record results in its latest quarterly earnings report, warned that its next quarter is likely to miss financial analysts’ forecasts as inflationary pressures and geopolitical strife batter all sectors.

But Richardson thinks the company is in a good position to weather the storm and will focus on partnerships in its new brand campaign. AMD will soon embark on a media campaign called “Together We Move Forward”, which shows how AMD is working across various industries, not just gaming, to deliver modern offerings. The 53-year-old company has earned a strong reputation as a performance leader, and Richardson said AMD wants to expand that message. “You know, we’re a company that’s probably been guilty of being very engineering-driven, very dependent on our OEMs to bring technology to market. But we haven’t been as focused on kind of getting the AMD name out there in a way that resonates with end-user customers, or even frankly, the general partner community at large.

Richardson showed Solution Provider attendees a quick snippet of a new video that will soon start hitting the market, showing AMD’s gains in other areas.

“I really like ‘Together We Advance’ because it really talks about how important partnerships are to your business,” Richardson said. “We fully recognize that our current structure does not allow us to deliver this message to every end-user customer. So we desperately need partners like you to understand…maybe be excited and motivated to help people spread the word.

Richardson noted that despite the supply chain issues currently plaguing the industry, AMD’s EPYC components are ready to go. “For builders in the public, we sell EPYC parts as components. So whether you build your own systems or buy motherboards and other components and processors…they exist in the channel’s inventory.

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