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This article provides an overview of a DApp that the influencer handle Cardano “ada whalesaid is “by far the largest NFT market on Cardano”.

JPG Store is quick to acknowledge its status as the #1 NFT marketplace for Cardano. Here is what their website says:

We are the largest Cardano NFT marketplace. Find and discover upcoming NFT releases, and buy and sell your favorite NFTs and collectibles with just a few clicks. No escrow, no delays, just connect your wallet and buy with our smart contracts…

For creators, the JPG store has a Launchpad to support artists in the Cardano community as well as a typing feature that allows artists to turn their artwork into NFTs!

As of 17:50 UTC on September 4, there are currently 297,041 assets on JPG Store.

Although IOG is working on a Cardano DApp store, we currently have “Dapps On Cardano” to help us discover Cardano DApps until IOG releases its product:

At the time of writing, here are the top 5 Cardano DApps (by total number of transactions), and as you can see, JPG Store is #1 with around 5.6 million transactions, almost 12 times the number of transactions of the second most popular market Cardano NFT.

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